In March of 2016, Brandon Bye and Federico Tavarez, two students at Western Michigan University, started a used-clothing drive for specifically soccer gear in the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan. They hoped to ship the donations overseas to soccer clubs in low-income communities of the Dominican Republic to help children who could not afford proper soccer clothes. The goal was to collect 150-200 donations over a two-month period for just one club in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to the generous donations of several local soccer club and private sponsors, they were able to quadruple their original goal and earned over 800 donations. Fueled and inspired by the surpassing of their original dream, a team of twenty volunteers distributed these donations to eight different clubs around the island later that August.

The journey that a bunch of soccer gear and enthusiastic university students embarked upon from the United States to the Dominican Republic carried more than just material objects. We are overwhelmed by the eagerness of our community in Kalamazoo to improve the conditions for the future generations of developing communities. As the Aspiras Foundation expands and develops, our personal desire to give back and the opportunity to bring joy and positivity to communities suffering hardships fuels the essence of our direction.

Material donations are precious and valuable at the moment, but we realize that they have an expiration date. By investing our time and efforts into educating and providing unprecedented opportunity in any way we can to the children of soccer clubs within developing communities, we hope to empower them to aspire for great goals and achievement. The future of developing areas in the Dominican Republic rests in the hands of the children, so we want to give them the tools to bring positive change to their communities.


It all started with a clothing drive for a beloved hometown soccer club in the Dominican Republic. We develop close relationships with soccer clubs that only have the best interests for their players, so that your donations make it into the right hands.

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We started our first Student Organization at Western Michigan University, and have added Indiana University and Columbia University to the family. The activities of our student organization are based around fundraising and community involvement.

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Student Organizations


  • Academia Iberoamericana


  • Atlético del Sur FC

    San Juan

  • Charlie's Foundation

    Puerto Plata

  • Club 5 de Abril

    San Cristóbal

  • Defender FC

    Distrito Nacional

  • El Dosa de la Vega

    La Vega

  • Fundacion Tropicalia

    El Seibo

  • Jonathan Fana FC


  • Punta Cana FC

    La Altagracia

  • Batey FC


  • Bayaguana

    Monte Plata

  • Constanza

    La Vega

  • Cristo Rey FC

    Distrito Nacional

  • Dominguito FC

    Santo Domingo

  • Escuela Bauger

    Distrito Nacional

  • La Meca del Fútbol

    Distrito Nacional

  • Maldonado FC

    Santo Domingo

  • San José de Villa 01 FC




We teach the athletes to take care of one another, take ownership of their actions, and care for their equipment, field and our environment. We have site cleanups and bring waste receptacles to keep the pitch clean and safe for play, and caring for the environment in the process.


We want kids to learn to take initiative. Future leaders must learn to make choices and take responsibility for their actions. A leader is someone that tries their best to work towards the future they want.


Having a schedule and activity after school helps youth respect authority, take instruction, and work for a goal. Having rules, consistency, and order is crucial for youth in their developing stages for them to learn self control and good morals.



Together we can achieve more. On the pitch, athletes need to all work together to win the game. To succeed in life, they need to work together, play on each other’s strengths and help one another.


When you fall, miss a goal, lose a game, you can’t quit. Sports teach us that we need to get back up and keep fighting. If they have the resilience to get back up when pushed down, they can achieve so much more.